Guide to buying a property in Lekki and Ajah, Lagos, Nigeria

Buying a property in Lekki and Ajah Lagos offers as a feasible and alternative business for those looking to invest in real estate in Lagos, in addition to functioning as the dwelling for those purchasing properties in this neighborhood. Lekki has developed into a significant and reputable business center and residential district of Lagos State, making the region crucial to Nigeria’s real estate market.

Investing in a home in Lekki pays off handsomely for the owners in rent. Lekki is one of the biggest areas in Lagos State and has a variety of undeveloped properties. In addition, there are a lot of developed and under construction properties in Lekki that are being advertised and sold to potential customers.

Lekki is considered one of the best neighborhoods in Lagos State to purchase land due to the area’s rapid development and the favorable financial returns it provides to real estate investors. A potential investor can focus on quickly developing neighborhoods like Chevron, Ikate, Thomas Estate, Ajah, Lekki Phase 2, V.G.C, Ikota, and other suburbs within the Lekki Peninsula to purchase a property in Lekki.

However, the majority of the lands in the Lekki axis are subject to one form of government acquisition or another; while some may be released through excision, which is followed by gazetting and perfecting, those subject to committed government acquisition may never be released at all, necessitating the need for every prospective buyer to exercise caution before buying any property in the Lekki area.

Proper research and suitable inspections must be performed before purchasing a home or piece of property in Lekki. After the proposed property to be purchased has been properly confirmed, the necessary paperwork must be created to prove the parties’ agreement and transfer title.


1. Always investigate properly before investing to avoid being scammed

2. Always engage the service of a property lawyer for advice and to be involved in every stage of the transaction.

3. For Land Sponsorship we will advise you never invest without meeting the families or head of the community that own the land.

4. For Land banking always buy land with good prospect and secure your land title document without delay.

5. For Joint Venture always have good agreement with land owner before investing your money.

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