How do I verify a land title in Nigeria?

Verifying a land title in Nigeria typically involves several steps:

1. Obtain the survey plan: Request a copy of the survey plan from the land seller or owner. This plan should provide details about the land’s boundaries, size, and location.

2. Conduct a search at the Land Registry: Visit the relevant Land Registry or Land Bureau in the state where the land is located. Request a search on the land title to confirm its authenticity and ownership status. You may need to pay a fee for this service.

3. Verify the Certificate of Occupancy (C of O): If the land has a Certificate of Occupancy, check its validity and authenticity. The C of O is an important document that proves land ownership and use rights.

4. Consult with legal professionals: Seek assistance from a qualified lawyer or legal expert who specializes in property law. They can help review the title documents, search results, and provide legal advice.

5. Physical inspection: Visit the land in person to verify its location, boundaries, and physical characteristics. Compare these observations with the information in the survey plan and other documents.

6. Check for encumbrances: Determine if there are any encumbrances or legal issues associated with the land, such as pending disputes, unpaid property taxes, or outstanding loans.

7. Obtain a search report: The Land Registry should provide a search report that confirms the land’s ownership and any existing encumbrances.

8. Due diligence: Conduct due diligence by researching the land’s history, talking to neighbors, and consulting with local authorities to gather more information about the land.

It’s crucial to exercise caution and thoroughness when verifying land titles in Nigeria, as land disputes and fraudulent transactions can be common. Consulting with legal professionals and conducting a comprehensive investigation is advisable to ensure the legitimacy of the land title.

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